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Company Profile

ATB Certified Translation set out its journey in 1998, as a proprietary company. After serving for about 6 years as a proprietary company, it transformed its legal status into a Limited Liability Company thanks to its larger cientelle and advantages of being a limited liability company.

Since then, it continues providing services in this legal status.

Our establishment is a boutique translation office with a niche market. Our clients prefer us thanks to possibilities we provide to them and since we are team players who are aware of our client's needs and integrating ourselves into their production process.

Our Vision

Our vision includes bringing the translation profession which has been neglected in our country, to the level it deserves to be, ensuring the profession to exceed world standards in terms of quality and scope and its intellectual capacity and its nature of being an authoring activity be recognized.

Moreover ensuring the translation services /profession be included/involved and integrated in the manufacturing process and seen as a part of manufacturing process by our clients is also a part of our vision.

Our Mission

Our mission, as a translation office, is to understand the requirements of our clients, to find the best solution for their translation needs, which are, in essence, a problem of communication, and get involved in production / job processes and act as a team player and integrate into their system.

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